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European Youth Work Agenda

Strengthening, developing and promoting youth work – that’s the aim of the European Youth Work Agenda.

The EYWA website states that, having been “established as a strategic framework, it intends to strengthen and further develop youth work practice and policies in Europe”.

The European Youth Work Agenda has eight priority areas:

  • Develop and expand the youth work offer
  • Quality development
  • A common direction for the youth work community of practice
  • Beyond the youth work community of practice
  • Promotion and recognition
  • Innovation and emerging challenges
  • Policy frameworks
  • A strategic framework for youth work development

Ausführliche Informationen zur Agenda gibt es hier: bonn-process.net/context/eywa/

Youth Work

In Germany, youth work is defined in the Social Code (SGB).

In the context of this and other European projects, however, youth work is defined somewhat more broadly:

“Youth work is a broad term covering a wide variety of activities of a social, cultural, educational, environmental and/or political nature by, with and for young people, in groups or individually. Youth work is delivered by paid and volunteer youth workers and is based on non-formal and informal learning processes focused on young people and on voluntary participation. Youth work is quintessentially a social practice, working with young people and the societies in which they live, facilitating young people’s active participation and inclusion in their communities and in decision making.”

Recommendation CM/Rec(2017)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on youth work (Council of Europe), p. 9.

European Youth Work Convention

“The European Youth Work Convention (EYWC) is the central platform for discussing the latest developments in youth work practice and youth policy in Europe.”

The Bonn Process

“The Bonn Process is a joint effort to translate the European Youth Work Agenda into action and bring it to life.”